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At ABC Bicycles we take great pride in building both our electric and gas powered motorized bicycles. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to insure these bikes run perfectly and ride great. Our custom motor mounts take nearly all of the vibration out of the bike.

ABC Bicycle and Jet Ski Rentals stand 100% behind our bikes. Our motorized bicycles start at 750.00 and up depending on the customizing the customer orders for the bike. We can build the bike you want.

We also sell all types of bicycles including Beach Cruisers, Mountain Bikes and Road bicycles.

Fold Up / Compact Electric Bicycle


Fold Up / Compact

All of our research and years of experience building electric bicycles tell us this E-Bike is the best in its class. The weight is well proportioned for a great ride. The bike has a six speed shifter with derailer so you can ride it like any normal bicycle and use the electric power only when you need it. The electric motor is in the rear hub, totally separate from the peddling mechanism of the bike. This is a great riding bike that can be folded up and put anywhere, even the trunk of your car or motor home.


Quest Step Through Electric Bicycle


Quest Step Through

This E-Bike is a great bicycle and can be ridden almost anywhere. It is a easy to mount and dismount for both males and females. This bike gets 28 miles on a charge, and goes 19 miles per hour, at a cost of about 10 cents a battery. This bike is great for school as well as work, in fact, most of the staff at ABC Bicycles use them.


Custom Motorized Bicycle


Motorized Bicycle

Motorized Bicycle 150 miles a gallon we build them in house custom


Beach Cruisers


Beach Cruisers

Beach Cruisers 349.00


Three Wheelers


Three Wheelers

We sell a large variety of three wheeler bikes. We stock all sizes, 20", 24", 26", and all colors.

From $375.00

All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice.